CONDUCTOR: Solid bare copper.
CONSTRUCTION: Parallel conductors.
COLOR: White.*
VOLTAGE: 300 V / 150 V.
UL: CM / CL2 / CL3 (R).

USES: For use as burglar alarm wire and as telephone station wire. Good for surface installation in factories, commercial buildings, and homes in compliance with the National Electric Code, NEC article 725 type CL3 or NEC article 800 type CM, as applicable.

* Custom jacket colors available.

Catalog No. AWG Size Jacket Thickness No. of Cond. Nominal O.D. Put Up Weight Color Code
400-4A 22 0.017 in
0.432 mm
2 0.120 in
3.05 mm
1000 ft 9 lbs/1000 ft
13 kgs/km
Red, green
400-8A 22 0.017 in
0.432 mm
4 0.145 in
3.68 mm
1000 ft 15 lbs/1000 ft
22 kgs/km
Red, green, yellow, black