M - Abbreviation for Mylar®. See Mylar®. Mylar® is a trademark of the DuPont de Nemours Co. Also abbreviated as MY.
m - Abbreviation for meter. See meter.
mA - Abbreviation for milliampere, one-thousandth (10-3) of an ampere.
MAG. OX. - Abbreviation for magnesium oxide.
MAGNET WIRE - Insulated copper wire used for winding coils, motors, and transformers.
MAINS - The source of domestic electrical power distributed nationally throughout the U.K. The mains frequency is the frequency at which the electrical power is supplied. This is 50 hertz in the U.K. and 60 hertz in the U.S.
MARKER TAPE - A tape laid parallel to the conductors under the sheath in a cable, imprinted with the manufacturer’s name and the specification to which the cable is made.
MARKER THREAD - A colored thread laid parallel and adjacent to the strand in an insulated conductor which identifies the manufacturer and sometimes the specification to which the wire is made.
MAT - Abbreviation for material.
MATV - Abbreviation for Master Antenna TV.
MAX - Abbreviation for maximum.
Mbps - Abbreviation for megabits per second.
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