N - a) Abbreviation for newtons. See newton. b) Abbreviation for nichrome.
N/A - Abbreviation for not applicable.
NA - Abbreviation for numerical aperture. See numerical aperture.
NANO - A prefix to a unit, denoting a submultiple of one-billionth (10-9) of that unit.
NANOMETER - One billionth (10-9) of a meter. Abbreviated nm.
NANOSECOND - One-billionth (10-9) of a second.
NATIONAL ELECTRIC CODE - Recommendations of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) are revised every three years. City, county, or state regulations may differ from code regulations and take precedent over NEC Code rules, which of themselves, have no legal status.
NATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION ASSOCIATION - The organization whose prime mission is to maintain and publish the National Electrical Code.
NAVAIR - Abbreviation for Naval Air Systems Command (see NMC).
NAVELEX - Abbreviation for Naval Electronics Systems Command (see NMC).
NAVFAC - Abbreviation for Naval Facilities Engineering Command (see NMC).
NAVORD - Abbreviation for Naval Ordinance Systems Command (see NMC).
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