L - Symbol for inductance. See inductance.
LACQUER FINISH - A finish applied over braided wire or cable for appearance, for moisture proofing, to reduce friction, and resist abrasion.
LAMINATES - A buildup of layers of material to increase thickness as in braid varnished cambric (VCB).
LAMP CORD - Flexible stranded conductor cord, rubber or plastic insulated, used in wiring of lamps, household fans, and similar appliances. Not subject to hard usage. UL approved.
LAN - Abbreviation for Local Area Network. See local area network.
LAPEL MIKE CABLE - Small O.D., flexible microphone cable.
LASER - Acronym from light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A source of intense monochromatic coherent radiation in the visible, ultraviolet, or infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The narrow beam can be either pulsed or continuous.
LATEX - Rubber material used for insulation of wire.
LAUNCH FIBER - An optical fiber used to couple and condition light from an optical source into an optical fiber. Often the launch fiber is used to create an equilibrium modal distribution in multi-mode fiber. Also referred to as launching fiber.
LAY - The length measured along the axis of a wire or cable required for a single strand (in stranded wire) or conductor (in cable) to make one complete turn around the axis of the conductor or cable.
LBABAND - A band of microwave frequencies. See frequency band.
lbs - Abbreviation for pounds.
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