P BAND - A band of microwave frequencies. See frequency band.
P/N - Abbreviation for part number.
PAIR - Two insulated wires of a single circuit associated together.
PAIRING - The union of two insulated single conductors through twisting.
PAN CURED - Method of vulcanizing. Coils of unvulcanized insulated wire are coiled in pans and vulcanized under pressure with live steam.
PAP - A commonly used term for air core (unfilled) direct burial telephone cable with a corrugated aluminum shield.
PAPER INSULATED - Insulation used for telephone cable, high voltage cable, and magnet wire. Has high dielectric strength; however, pretty much passe because of better insulations.
PAR - Acronym for precision approach radar.
PARALLEL CABLE - Two insulated conductors in parallel in a cable.
PATCH CABLE - A power cable with plugs or terminals on each end of the conductor or conductors used to connect equipment.
PATCH CORD - Usually braid covered, with plugs or terminals on each end. Used to connect jacks or blocks in switchboards or analog programming systems. Called a patch cord because it is used to “patch” a circuit.
PBM-109 - Trailing mine cable with an outer sheath of flame-resistant Neoprene®. Cable conforms to requirements of Pennsylvania Bureau of Mines and the Federal Bureau of Mines. Neoprene® is a trademark of the DuPont de Nemours Co.
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