G - Symbol for conductance. See conductance.
g - Abbreviation for gram.
G-GC - Type G-GC mining cable with grounding conductor and a ground check conductor.
G. CABLE - G. cable is a type W or power cable with ground wires. The total CM (circular mil) area of the ground wires is approximately one-half to three-quarters of the CM area of one of the conductors.
GAS FILLED CABLE - Paper insulated lead sheath cable filled with gas which provides a self-supervised alarm system. There are three different types; low pressure, medium pressure, and high pressure.They may be installed in ducts, in air, or buried directly.
GAS PRESSURE COMPENSATED - A saturated paper insulated cable containing tubes for the transmission of gas pressure along a cable and with external gas feed to the tubes.
GAUGE - A term used to denote the physical size of a wire.
GC - Abbreviation for ground conductor.
GFI - Abbreviation for Ground Fault Interrupter. A protective device that detects abnormal current flowing to ground and then interrupts the circuit.
GHz - Abbreviation for gigahertz. See gigahertz.
GIGA - A prefix to a unit, denoting a multiple of one billion (10 9) of that unit.
GIGAHERTZ - A term for one billion (10 9 ) cycles per second. Used to replace the more cumbersome term kilomegacycle. Abbreviation GHz.
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