F - Abbreviation for Fahrenheit. See Fahrenheit.
f - Abbreviation for farad. See farad.
F/S - Abbreviation for foam skin insulation (expanded polyolefin with a skin of solid polyolefin).
FAA - Abbreviation for Federal Aeronautics Administration.
FAHRENHEIT - A scale for measuring temperature. Water freezes at 32° F and boils at 212° F. Abbreviated F.
FARAD - A unit of capacitance. Usually expressed in microfarads (µF) one-millionth (10 -6) of a farad; or picofarads (pf) one-trillionth (10 -18) of a farad. Abbreviation f.
FATIGUE RESISTANCE - Resistance to metal crystallization that occurs when the conductors or wires break from flexing.
FAULT CURRENT - A current that may flow through a circuit or device as a result of a fault, such as a defect in the insulation.
FDDI - Abbreviation for fiber distributed data interface.
FEP - Abbreviation for fluorinated ethylene propylene. It was formerly called X-100 or FEP100. This is a fluorocarbon resin.
FEP-IX - Abbreviation for extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene, type IX per MIL-C-17.
FEP-XII - Abbreviation for extruded fluorinated ethylene propylene, type XII per MIL-C-17.
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