ASESA - Abbreviation for Armed Services Electro Standards Agency.
ASG - Abbreviation for Aeronautical Standards Group.
ASME - Abbreviation for American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
ASTM - Abbreviation for American Society for Testing Materials. An organization that tests materials and attempts to set standards on various materials for industry.
ATTENUATION - The loss of power or signal in a circuit, generally expressed in decibels (dB) per unit length, usually one thousand (1,000) feet. In optical fiber cables, attenuation is the ratio of input power vs. output power, measured in decibels per unit length, usually dB/km. Abbreviated as attn.
ATTN. - Abbreviation for attenuation. See attenuation.
AUDIO FREQUENCY - The range of frequencies audible to the human ear, approximately 20 to 20,000 Hz.
AUTO PRIMARY WIRE - A single or multi-conductor wire used for original equipment or replacement on automotive products. Normally low voltage, resistant to oil, acid, and weather.
AWG - Abbreviation for American Wire Gauge. The system most commonly used in the United States for describing the size of copper wire. It is based on the circular mil system. One (1) mil equals 0.001 inch. Also referred to as the Brown and Sharpe (B&S) wire gauge.
AWM - Designation for appliance wiring material.
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